Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stress Eats.

Our fridge is still stocked with so much fruit, so today for breakfast I had another big fruit salad. I was really full after this. Most of the time I eat so fast that I don't realize I'm full until all the food is gone. This had watermelon, grapes, 1/2 banana, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries.

I ended up thinking I was hungry, or maybe just wanted something with chocolate because I was tired and stressed about work. So around 10:30 I had this Kashi bar:

Lunch was a Amy's Burrito and salad with Newman's own black bean and corn salsa. When I'm having a mexican type lunch I love replacing the dressing on my salad with salsa. This meal tasted great and was very filling with so much protein and fiber.

My husband and I absolutely love Amy's frozen meals and have tried most of Amy's Burritos (It's a great sign when Steve despite being a meat-eater loves these meals). But because of the wrapper of this burrito only highlighting black beans and tomatoes, Steve was afraid to try it. This was the only kind we had in the freezer and I decided I would see how it tasted. It was just as good as the other flavors, and I am not sure why is picks black beans and tomatoes to talk about because it is filled with tofu and other great products two. I barely noticed the black beans and tomatoes.

Lunch could have held me off until dinner, but I was still super tired and nearing a deadline at work that I was stressed about. So around 3pm I took 5 minutes to leave the office (the only time all day) and went to Starbucks for my usual (sorry no picture) and then close to 5pm I ate a Chocolate Chip Z-Bar from my desk drawer. Both of these tasted great, but I know that I should have listed to my stomach and not my brain.

I had to eat dinner super fast tonight because I was late meeting my good friend Sarah (my walking buddy) at the park for a 5 mile walk. So dinner was a Morningstar Veggie patty with homemade hummus, tomato, and lettuce. On the side I had some kashi crackers (we buy these in bulk at Sam's club for a great price) and some baked tostitos. While my muffin was toasting I did dip some chips and crackers into the homemade hummus (no picture).

After my walk I went to Pilates, but I was a little late and only did about 40 or 45 minutes of the class.

Well I slept in until 6:15 am this morning and got to bed by 10pm last night, so hopefully I am wide awake and can sense my hunger through my stomach and not my stress!


VeggieGirl said...

That fruit salad looks divine!!

Happy Thursday!! :0)

Joe & Betsy said...

saw your post on kath's blog - i'm a fellow pittsburgher! i usually post on there as "betsy in pittsburgh"... since there's another betsy. my blog is:

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a giant bowl of fruit to get the morning started off right!

I've never tried Amy's burritos, but have always wanted to buy her products when I see them in the stores :)

Allison said...

Summertime fruit is the best...sometimes the bright colors are just what you need at the start of a hectic day! Thanks for the great Amy's reviews...I have a tofu scramble pocket in my freezer that I have yet to try! I hope your day seems less stressful today! :0)

Aimee said...

veggie girl - Thanks so much, I hope your uncle is doing well!

Betsy- I ran into your blog a few months ago and love seeing your pictures of Pittsburgh!

Jenn - I love Amy's products and have since high school (I used to think it was the coolest thing that there was a line of Vegetarian foods with my name (although spelled differently)). They are sort of expensive though so I usually just watch for them to be on sale.

Allison - I asked my mom to dig out pictures of the cakes she made me so stay tuned next week for them to be on my blog :)