Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh how I love to hate Pilates!!

I just got home from a Pilates class I take every Monday and Wednesday night from 8pm - 9pm at a community college 5 minutes from my house. The teacher is insane. By the time she says "grab a drink" she has already moved on to the next super hard move. It is very challenging so in the end I love it, but during the class when she makes us hold a move for an extra 10 seconds in her very very peppy voice I am far from happy! But over all I would highly encourage you all to try out Pilates, and by try out I mean give it a try for a handful of classes. I found my first few classes to be horrible, but the more I practice it, the easier it gets and the more I get out of it. I also suggest taking a class at least twice a week. My first time taking it was last Spring and I was only in a class that met once a week, and I didn't feel I was getting the benefits out of it.

Okay on to the food....

I went to the gym this morning for a 6am spin class that lasted 40 minutes. Morning spin always makes me feel so ready to start my day. My heart rate monitor said I burned 310 calories.

I pack my breakfast to eat at the office and today it was muesli with 1/3 oats, 2/3 vanilla almond milk, 1/8 cup dried fruit, 1/8 unsweetened coconut, 1 tbsp sliced almonds, and a ripe peach.

I had a two hour office meeting which was from 10am - 12pm and breakfast was served (which is odd to me because I eat breakfast at 8am and could never wait until 10am). Although everyone eating (Panera bagels, pastries, and fresh fruit) around me made me want to eat too I stayed away from the goodies and had a hot tea and ice water.

But as soon as I got back to my office I was ready to eat my lunch. I packed the left over bean salad from our party (less than 1/2 cup) and mixed it with about 1 cup of left over Mexican rice (brown rice mixed with salsa) and 1 tbsp of guacamole. I also had 1 serving of baked tostitos and 2 small tomatoes. This picture makes my lunch look huge, but that was only 1 1/2 of the rice mixture!!

Later in the day for a snack I had some seedless watermelon. I love watermelon in the summer and I feel that you get so much food for not so many calories.

My husband had his MBA classes tonight so dinner was on my own and I didn't feel like dirtying any pots and pans, so I just had a left over piece of pizza from yesterday and some romaine lettuce and baby carrots with 1 tbsp of Annie's Goddess Dressing. This really made my belly happy and ready for Pilates.

I also had to try the cookies I made last night and make sure my husband was telling me the truth about how good they are. I agree they are yummy. I put mine in the microwave for 15 seconds and it was delish!!

I'm off to relax for 20 minutes or so then it is off to bed by 10 am so I can be up tomorrow morning by 5:30 am for the gym!!


Sarah said...

hi! i somehow stumbled across your blog and noticed you're from Pittsburgh. I am too! From the South Hills---Upper St. Clair. Where do you take your spinning classes? We belong to the Rivers Club so I sometimes take classes there but the times are pretty inconvenient for me.

Also, I've been doing yoga (mainly Ashtanga and Power Yoga) for about 2 years now and have never tried Pilates, but would like to! Have you ever done yoga? How do you think they compare?

Allison said...

Thank you!! You should definitely make a cookie bouquet...they're pretty easy to put together~and not to mention fun! Those cookies look and sound delicious! I'll be trying out that recipe soon :0) Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?