Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shopping Saturday!

Saturday was a busy day and I started it out with a great find from Whole Foods. This 1 pack of Belgian Chocolate crunch has 270 calories and 16 grams of fat but also 9 grams of Fiber and 6 grams of Protein. It says on the package that the Glycemic Load is only 6 grams. I had this pack with a 12 ounces of skim milk. This really kept me well fulled until lunch time.

Around 10am Steve and I started our day of shopping. We went to Grove City Prime Outlets which is about 40 min from our house. It is a huge outlet mall with so many great stores. We didn't get to spend nearly the time I would have liked. We took a break at 12:30 to have a sit down lunch at Eat n' Park (similar to a Bob Evans). I had a non-fat sugar free Vanilla iced latte and the Eat n' Smart Smile which is Scrambled no-cholesterol Egg Beaters®,­ served with a fresh fruit slice and your choice of toast. I had wheat toast, which I sent back because I didn't know that it would come with butter all over it.

After lunch we went back to do some shopping and around 3pm I had a chocolate pretzel (it had 80 calories). Also around 4:30 we stopped at a different mall because Steve needs sunglasses and the Sunglass Hut at Grove City didn't have what he wanted (or they had it but the only pair had a scratch in the lens). At this mall I had an Original Orange Julius. I knew we wouldn't have dinner until 8pm so I wanted something to hold me over. This Orange Julius was great on a 90 degree day. (Sorry no picture of the drink, I had the medium).

At 5pm we made the best purchase of the day:

She is a cockapoo that we bought from a woman that also breeds horses, this was about an hour from our house. We named her Sophie. This is the first pet Steve and I have to raise together. My mom has 4 dogs so I grew up with dogs, all different kinds. My birthday is Tuesday, so Sophie is part of my birthday present from Steve, he already is being such a good daddy to her.

I was sad that after we got her we already had to leave her alone for 2 hours to go to a big party at the house of one of the Partner's at my firm. Before we rushed out of the house at 7pm I ate some pretzels and kashi crackers in case there were not too many vegetarian choices. I do not have any pictures from the night due to the nature of the event:)

I had 2 and 1/2 glasses of white wine which made me tipsy. The only appetizer that seemed vegetarian were some seeded crackers. I had two or three of these. For dinner they had meat kabobs, so not much for me. I had a wheat roll, some vegetable rice dish (not sure what it was really but they said it was vegetarian), some marinated beets, and a little salad already in dressing (I prefer salad greens to be dry so I can add my own dressing). Not much protein and not very impressive. Dessert was a buffet. I had a mini cream puff, mini eclair, 2 mini pb cookies (smaller than a thin mint), and some white cookie. They were good, but I may have thought they were better than they were based on the wine I had and the not so good dinner. I prefer chocolate desserts, and the only chocolate was some drizzled on the eclair. When I got home, also because of the wine and weird eating schedule today, I had some pb puffins and pb. I wasn't hungry so I should have stepped away from the pantry.

My mom is having us and my brothers over to celebrate my birthday, because Tuesday being a work day is hard to get everyone together. We are taking Sophie over. I will post pictures of my mom's fours dogs playing with Sophie tonight!


just me said...

Ahhhh! you puppy is so cute! i've been thinking of getting one myself...i really want to get a welsh i'm on a hunt to find one! but she's adorable! why did you pick the name sophie, if i might ask?

Aimee said...

I picked Sophie because I wanted an "S" first name to go with our last name that begins with an "S". I told my mom that I named it Sophie and she said that Oprah had a dog named Sophie and she thinks it was the same kind. so no real reason besides I thought it sounded cute.

VeggieGirl said...

DOn't you just LOVE Whole Foods?? I go twice per week, haha :0)

Sophie is so PRECIOUS!!!

eatingbender said...

Ah Sophie is ADORABLE!!! Definitely the best buy of the day :o) I hope to see more pictures of her in the future, hehe!

That granola looks great - I love new finds from Whole Foods.

I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's ok!

Aimee said...

Thanks girls for the nice comments about Sophie, I'm a proud mom:)

Jenn of course you can add me to your blogroll. I need to get one up and running and I will for sure add you.