Friday, August 1, 2008


Although I am really busy coming up with great entries for Kath's Contest, I am having a Contest of my own. Udi's Granola, which sent me a lovely box of their products to try, wants to send a lucky reader their own box of Granola to sample.

In order to enter you must send me a picture and recipe of your best use for granola. I should warn you that Udi's Granola does use honey and the Hawaiian has egg whites. So if you are a Vegan that does not eat honey, you may not like the prize, but you are still welcome to enter the contest!

I will be accepting entries until next Wednesday August 6. I will then announce the winner next Thursday. Udi's cannot send their Granola to a P.O. Box, so it must be a U.S. address that is not a P.O. Box.

So that there is no bias, my husband will be the one picking the winner.

E-mail pictures and recipes to

I will be back tonight for a recap of yesterday and today.


Lauren said...

hey, ooh a contest exciting! i love granola.. but I don't eat honey soo that probably wouldnt work well for mostly I just eat it right as it is for a snack haha. :)
I really like your blog a lott, i'm a bit of a i like seeing what people have for meals and such. adding you to my blogroll, hope you dont mind! :)

VeggieGirl said...

Great contest, Aimee!! My favorite granola is the cinnamon-crunch variety from Enjoy Life (which is an allergen-free brand - score!!) - it comes in HUGE chunks, so I just eat a few chunks as a snack (like Lauren, haha). Here's the website:

VeggieGirl said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooo this idea it just too cool!
I don't know if I totally understand it though.
Are we suppose to make a creative granola?
Or just show a creative way to use "normal" granola?
Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. =]

lizzy said...

Hi! I am a new reader and I just found your blog..i love all your food pics, they are so clear and beautiful..i cant wait to read more!! PLUS your PUPPY oh my she is soooooooo cute! i got a cockapoo for xmas from my boyfriend a a year and a half ago and I have to say they are the best dogs ever! hands down! he is amazing i cant wait to see pics and hear tales of your new baby! how much did she weigh when you first got her? my pup weighed 2.8lbs at 8weeks and the breeder predicted he would weigh between 8-12lbs (his parents weights) but he is now almost 2 and he weighs 21lbs! haha. he is obsessed w/ swimming, im not sure if it is just him or the breed though. wow sorry to write so much about dogs i get way too excited! hope u have a fun weekend!

Aimee said...

Lauren - I'm happy to be on your blog roll!!

Veggiegirl - I have never heard of Enjoy Life, I will have to try it especially if I find out I have a gluten allergy!!

Samswimchick - Just a creative way to use granola (any recipe that includes granola).

Lizzy - Sophie was 2.8 pounds at 9 weeks, so I hope she doesn't get to 20, I love her small. I wasn't listening close enough when the woman told me how much the poodle weighed (the parents were with her son, so I didn't get to see them). Do you have any pictures of your cockapoo posted? I can't wait to try to swim with Sophie, although her first bath didn't go over well!!

lizzy said...

Hey Aimee, *just posted a cockapoo pick!