Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thank you for all the kind words about the loss of our yellow lab. Pets do feel so much like family, and it is hard when they are gone.

On a happy note, here are some pictures from Hawaii.

This is a pretty picture from a flag at Pearl Harbor.

Here is Steve in Maui.
This is a beautiful picture of a sunset in Honolulu.

This is me holding up a fish I made by weaving at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

This is me and Steve making music by banging bamboo sticks on the ground.

This picture is my shock of how much a carton of ice cream is that would normally be $4.99 in Pittsburgh. How much does Edy's or Dryer's slow churned cost where you live (not on sale)?? I want to move to Maui, but with these prices I don't know how I would live. The cost of living in Pittsburgh is so wonderful.

I think this is the only other food picture I took the week I was gone. This is a nonalcoholic smoothie in a fresh pineapple. It was so yummy!

I plan to be back to regular food blogs tomorrow. Have a wonderful night!


HangryPants said...

Beautiful pictures. I guess with the cost of that ice cream I would be even more likely to embrace local fresh fruit for dessert. Although, I bet I would still miss ice cream

just me said...

WOW...that is expensive...though i remember when i was in maui that EVERYTHING seemed more expensive...esp the cereal!

and lovely pictures! i love the pineapple! glad you'll be blogging more!

Anonymous said...

I've heard parts of Hawaii are crazy expensive! I still would like to visit someday. My parents go every couple years for their anniversary...so of course, never take the kids. BOO! Someday! The pineapple drink looks awesome! Did you eat the pineapple after? I would have gone to town...and probably gotten looks!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Reminds me of my honeymoon.

VeggieGirl said...

Ah yes, Hawaii = $$$$$ ;0)

Such GORRRRRGEOUS photographs!! And that smoothie in the fresh pineapple = too fun.

Anonymous said...

We has to put my 14 year old golden to sleep last summer and it was like losing my sister... I know how that feels and i am sorry for your loss.

I went to hawaii last year to watch my boyfriend play baseball... we went to waikiki but it was not what I htought it would be

lizzy said...

HAWAII looks like an amazing time! i think the high prices are because everything has to be shipped in..(stupid gas prices!) buts its so worth it to get to be there for a little vacay!! hope your having a good day!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! But I seriously can't believe how expensive that ice cream is! The price here is roughly the same as it is where you are - sheesh, I can't imagine spending that much. That's one way to curb the ice cream eating, haha.

Yum, smoothie in a pineapple sounds like such a perfect beverage for a day in Hawaii!

And I can't WAIT to get my Udi's - thanks for the email :o)

Olga said...

Wow, it is SO beautiful in Hawaii! My friend's half sister lives there and he invited me to go with him and I got so much more excited by just looking at your pics!

Also, drinks in pineapples are always so delicious. It always reminds me that I'm in a tropical paradise.

With ice cream costing that much, I probably wouldn't eat any there! I mean, I live in NY and the prices here are insane, but even THAT'S way too much.

Have a good day and transition resuming into food blogging again =]

Andrea said...

Awesome pics!! steve is so cute ;) and you have absolutely gorgeous, thick hair! so purdy :) looking forward to reading your regular posts again. happy humpday!