Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Starbucks Sucker!!

Thanks for all of the get well wishes. I'm feeling better today. I found out that a few other people from my work got sick, a group of us went to volunteer with disabled kids on Saturday and played games in a gym with them. The girl that partnered with me held my hand the whole time and had her head on my shoulder, so I easily could have picked up germs.

Steve thinks that juice is the best thing to drink when you are sick, so I listen to him and had another of my drinks, this time I used light orange juice. This was no where good as the mixture with Naked Juice last night. This light orange juice is already watered down enough that mixing with more water just made it pretty tasteless. I took this drink in a purple cup for the car ride.

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday's because it was so yummy, Chocolate Covered Cherry Oatmeal. Love it!! I may have to try Christie's suggestion and add Carob powder sometime although Chocolate Whey might taste good too.

Because of my sore throat (although I don't really need an excuse for Starbucks) I thought something cold would be good, so around 10am I had a Mocha Light Frap.

I decided that because I wasn't feeling weak, I would take the noon spin class, I could feel a difference from my healthy spinning, but I still managed to burn 300 calories in 35 minutes.

I ate lunch after Spinning. I had a can of Muir Glen lentil soup, this is one of my favorite brands. I really love having soup for lunch, the only downside is the high sodium count is canned soup. I also had some carrots and the last of my homemade hummus.

I was super busy, but around 4pm I wanted a snack. I couldn't believe how fast I ate this! I felt so pressured to get a project done, that I hogged it up. I know that I need to focus on eating more slowly.
I got home for dinner around 6:30pm and made Annie's Whole Wheat White Cheddar Mac & Cheese. I love this kind and it uses animal enzyme free cheese (which is the only kind I eat). I used 0% fage instead of milk and added morningstar crumbles and peas. This was such a great meal and I can't wait to make it again! Steve liked it too.

Starbucks sucked me in with its new promo which entitles morning customers to a $2 iced drink with their morning receipt. So after dinner I got a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Too much Caffeine for me, when up until 2 months ago I hadn't had any coffee products for over a year in an attempt to control bad acid reflux problems, but it tastes so good. No picture of the PM latte.

Last reminder about the udi's granola contest, I changed the date to Thursday, so please enter by Thursday at 5pm. Steve will pick the winner Thursday night.


Hangry Pants said...

How is that yogurt? I always pick it up and look it, but then put it down.

VeggieGirl said...

I'm obsessed with carob - you MUST try it in that oatmeal!!!

Keep feeling better, please!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love having soup at lunch, too - but completely agree with you about the sodium content. One trick I came up with is to buy the bigger boxes of low sodium soup, then just dump the amount you want for lunch into a Tupperware or glass container and microwave it once you're at work!