Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 3 and Day 4 of Clean Eating

I didn't get to blog last night or this morning, so now I have to do a huge post about my Wednesday and Thursday meals.

Breakfast for Day 3 of the plan was a Berry Green Smoothie. Mine is not green, because I didn't have the spinach that they wanted me to use. This smoothie is nonfat yogurt (I used fage), protein powder, frozen berries, and skim milk.

Snack 1 was listed as 6 stalks celery with 2 tbsp natural almond butter and 1 apple. I decided not to have the celery. So for a morning snack I had the apple and almond butter. This was the first time I ever dipped apple slices in almond butter, and it was so amazing. I can't wait to have this again.

For lunch I had 1.5 cups of the pea soup I made (I still owe you pictures of this being made and the recipe). I didn't get a picture of the soup, but it looked just like the container I had on Monday.

For a snack in the afternoon the plan called for and I had a Nutty Maple-Cinnamon Bar.

Dinner was the best dinner so far on the plan. It was vegetarian lettuce wraps. I used Morningstar crumbles (the plan calls for ground turkey or soy "meat" crumbles) and mixed it with some salsa and some Dijon mustard in a frying pan that I sprayed with Pam. The plan just mentions using the mustard, but I thought salsa would be a nice "clean" addition. On the side I had cauliflower and broccoli. I can't wait to make these again!


I once again added some fruit that wasn't on the plan.

THURSDAY - Day 4 of the Clean Eating Meal Plan.

Breakfast was the Honey-Almond Oatmeal I made on Monday with 1/2 cup of berries.

Snack 1 for today called for raw veggies with 2 tbsp hummus and 1 Nutty Maple-Cinnamon Bar. I ate the bar and had the veggies and hummus in the afternoon.

Lunch was 1 multigrain or corn tortilla, 1/4 cup low-sodium pinto beans, 1/4 chopped bell peppers, 1/4 diced onions, 2 tbsp tbsp low sodium salsa. I couldn't find low-sodium pinto beans or low sodium salsa, and I don't like raw onions, but besides that I followed the plan. On the side I had a boiled egg (that was supposed to be part of Snack 2).

Snack 2 called for 1 hard-boiled egg, 12 grapes, and raw veggies. I saved my hummus and veggies from Snack 1 and I ate those with my 12 grapes.

Dinner called for 6 oz fish or extra-firm tofu, large seaweed salad (buy wet seaweed and season), 1/2 cup quinoa. I had tofu scrambled in a pan with a little Dijon mustard, I did not have any seaweed salad, so I ate some mixed veggies instead, and I had 1/2 cup quinoa (which I made in our rice cooker).

I also had some fruit like the other nights (not on plan). No picture.

See you all tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

The plan is so interesting to read about! You're doing such a great job! I think if I followed it, the part of my day that I would look forward to most would be eating that Nutty Maple-Cinnamon Bar. Yum :o)

AnthonyP said...

Wow. First I need a plan. Then I need to stick to it. You are doing so well. I think I need to just stop here every day for a menu...then again, I'm going to Disney today...not much in the way of healthy food there !

VeggieGirl said...

Hehe, I always love your grape additions :-D

HangryPants said...

The lettuce wraps look really good! This eating plan doesn't look too bad at all. :D

Have a great Friday!

Meghann said...

I have the Garmin 305. And from my understanding the footpad was only if you wanted to track your distance indoors, but I was just wanting to utilize the HRM to give me calories burned, I will have to look into that more.

RunToFinish said...

ok I am so glad you are posting about this, so I can follow along and see what it's all about. I've thought about it, but i'm awful at following specific food plans

Anonymous said...

you made me pull out my issue of clean eating to look for some new recipes :) love your eats!

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you! Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

wow! you are doing a great job.