Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend highlights.

We had a busy weekend, and I didn't have very interesting meals Monday, so I thought I would summarize some highlights from over the weekend...

First, where Pittsburghers get their cheese... Pennsylvania Macaroni Co (known here at Penn Mac). They even carry soy cheese. When we got there around 2pm on Saturday there were 30 people with tickets in front of us. Steve gets three or four different cheeses when we go, including soy cheese for me. The website claims that they stock over 5,000 specialty products and sell over 200,000 pounds of cheese each week!! It is owned by an Italian family, and now the third generation of family owners.

If you are ever in Pittsburgh it is an awesome place to check out. They carry a lot more than cheese, it was just too crowded to take any other pictures.

Here is their cheese list:

And here are some pictures of the behind the counter action...

We hosted dinner for Steve's mom, sister, and brother on Saturday night, and I decided to make a healthy dessert. I made a pan of No Pudge brownies and topped them with cool whip that I mixed with a packet of pudding mix and berries. The family was amazed that they were healthy. They tasted so rich. If you have never made No Pudge brownies, the only extra you add is non-fat yogurt. They sell them online at Amazon for a good price. I read in a magazine that you can make this substitution to any brand of fat free brownie mix.

The other thing I love about No Pudge brownies, is that you can make one serving at a time. The side of the box gives you instructions for making a single serving brownie in the microwave in about a minute. This is a great alternative to Vitamuffins (although no vitamins in this mix).

My final new find this week was a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's. Steve and I prefer making our own pizza with Trader Joe's crust, but this was a great quick alternative. The crust was very crisp, which I liked. The big problem I have with this pizza is that it has a high amount of saturated fat. The cheese used vegetable rennet, which is something I look for before buying cheese.

Okay, have a great Tuesday!!!


VeggieGirl said...

That's a hell of a cheese list, haha!! :-D

Happy Tuesday, Aimee!!

RunToFinish said...

i learning all kinds of things from you, first the george foreman, now adding yogurt to brownie mix... hmm just thinking about that grilled sandwich is giving me ideas

eatingbender said...

CHEESE!!!! I love cheese!! :o) That is a great place - I will have to pay a visit if I ever go to Pittsburgh!

I've never made the No Pudge brownies before - but they look scrumptious!

Have a great day!

HangryPants said...

That macaroni place is intriguing!

So, with the TJs pizza crust, did you use an already made crust or the bag of dough?