Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lazy week.

Believe it or not I have been taking pictures like a good blogger the last week, but I never got around to posting them! So instead of catching up, I'll start clean with today:) I'll post breakfast now, and then the rest of my day later tonight.

First, a few days ago I received a package from Melissa at Fitness NYC as part of the Marathon Challenge. Thanks Melissa, for the package and for hosting this challenge! I was so excited to receive the Granola Planks, because I have been waiting months to try these! I haven't tried the face cleanser yet, but I did try one of the Keribars, I'll do a review after I try the second one.

Now to the food . . . this morning I had a chocolate chip z-bar on the way to church, but it was a grab and go, so no picture.

We got back from church around 10am and I had some puffins and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with some fresh berries and a yogurt.

After I poured the yogurt on to my berries and cereal, I gave the container to Sophie. She loves yogurt, and she was so happy to clean out the container. I put plain fat free yogurt on her food, but the flavored kinds have too much sugar for her, so she only gets to lick the container:)

Off to enjoy my last day off. I'll post about the rest of my day tonight!


VeggieGirl said...

Great package, delicious food (PUFFINS!!), and cute Sophie!! :-D

Fully enjoy your last day off!!

Olga said...

aaaww Sophie looks so cute!

Tasty breakfast, I should try that yogurt sometimes.

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

aww Aimee! your puppy is so cute!!!

RunToFinish said...

what a cutie! I decided not to let our cats eat food any more once I thought they were going to lick it right off my spoon while I was eating

Anonymous said...

Oh little Sophie! I love that she loves yogurt! That's so cute! What a little pumpkin.