Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can feel Friday.

Once again I waited until the morning to blog, so I need to make this quick. I was having too much fun cleaning last night (sarcasm) and didn't get to blog.

Breakfast: peanut butter dreams and a banana...also I did snack on some PB Puffins out of the box while deciding what to have for breakfast.

Lunch was leftover couscous from last night, but really so yummy....

Some snap peas on the side and I was disturbed because I swear I could taste chemicals on them. I don't usually notice that on these. I must admit, they say pre-washed, so I didn't wash them, which was most likely my first mistake.

Apple as a snack. We are a little low on fruit, this was the last apple. Today I have to move to the oranges. No grapes this week VeggieGirl (how sad!!)

My office was so hot I couldn't stand it, so I took a little walk to Starbucks. I wasn't hungry and didn't need coffee, but I got a Mocha Lite Frap anyways. I should have just taken a longer walk, but I had these heals on that forbid long walks.
I did take the stairs in my office a bunch today (there are 20 steps between each floor). I walked from floor 14 to 21, and later from 21 to 25. This was 220 steps. I take the elevator down and the stairs up.

I had no clue what to have for dinner. My husband was at an MBA class, and I didn't want to make anything. I ended up putting some Morningstar Crumbles in a bowl with some jarred spaghetti sauce and topped it with cheese (vegetarian rennet from Trader Joe's). I also had a piece of homemade bread that I had made for Thanksgiving.

After some cleaning I did 16 minutes on our treadmill and a Pilates DVD. Before that though, I decided dinner didn't hold me over after all the cleaning and I had a snack. I mixed PB Puffins, dried cherries, PB chips and chocolate chips.

Off to work, happy Thursday:) We are so close to Friday, so hang in there.


VeggieGirl said...

I JUST RECENTLY DISCOVERED PB PUFFINS (since they're gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan) AND I LOVE THEM!!!!!! :-)

Happy Thursday!!

RunToFinish said...

homemade bread, impressive!!

I agree pilates is probably closer to weight lifting than stretching.

Anonymous said...

A walk in heels? Oy!

Olga said...

I love your snack! I need to get me some PB Puffins, I haven't had them in a while.

Ooof for hot offices...My classrooms are either always too hot or too cold!

yay for Friday soon