Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Tooth Day!

For breakfast I ate the last of the Fage (less than 1/2 cup), with oatmeal, a peach, and a crumbled Kashi bar. This is great to keep be full until noon.

Lunch at the Capitol Grille was the same as Friday, two pieces of baked tofu and some sauteed veggies underneath. Today I didn't have a salad, but I did have one roll. I decided to get dessert. I got the Strawberries Capitol Grille, which was fresh Strawberries with some type of liquor and a small scoop of ice cream (less than 1/2 cup). This was great and it didn't seem to heavy, because it was a small serving of ice cream and mostly berries. No picture, because as I said I think I would scare someone interviewing at my firm away if I took a picture of everything I ate!

Around 5pm, I snacked on some Vegetarian Organic Gummy bears I had stashed in my desk. I bought these at GNC last week. No Gelatin in these, so I was so happy to have something gummy for a change. There were two servings in this bag, I had one on Friday and one today. There is 110
For dinner I had a Whole Foods Vegan Oat Scone and some PB and jam. I have Pilates at 8pm and I wanted something that wouldn't stay in my stomach and upset it at Pilates. This was a pretty sweet dinner, maybe too sweet.
Well off to Pilates!


VeggieGirl said...

My dad LOVES those Whole Foods Vegan Oat Scones!! :0)

Have fun at pilates!!

just me said...

hope you had a great time at pilates!

and great idea crumbling that bar into your oats/fage/mix!!! fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I have those Kashi bars back at school - can't wait to crumble them in my yogurt and oatmeal!

Yum! I've never tried Whole Foods cookies or scones before - they always look so scrumptious! I can definitely see how it'd be super sweet!

I hope you had fun at pilates!

Anonymous said...

I love that super sweet dinner, it's so nontraditional and yum!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy pilates, it is something I always wanted to try.

sportsnutritionliving said...

Thats like my ideal day of eating.. i could eat sweets for every meal i just have o make a concious effort not to! How are the whole foods baked products?

Anonymous said...

I have those can't-get-enough-sweets days too... interesting, but often a few days later I have a day when I can't get enough savory foods or sour foods.... guess it all balances out in the end, huh? I love the idea of crumbling the bar into your oats!