Friday, September 12, 2008

No pictures, just whining!!

Thursday I forgot my camera, and today I have too much work and a hiring lunch (more about these later, but it includes about $50 per person for lunch at a fancy restaurant) so I won't be back to my daily food documenting until Saturday.

Yesterday I did get in a Spin workout at lunch. I did 35 minutes and burned 275 calories (or so said my heart rate monitor).

This morning I set the alarm for 5:25 am, for a long outside run but it was raining and yucky out, so that didn't happen. I have a treadmill and should have used it, but that also didn't happen. Sophie started to cry and wanted my attention, so all hope was lost for a morning workout. Not to mention I picked up my blackberry and had 3 emails that had been sent for things I needed to do (these emails were sent between 5am and 5:40am).

I was supposed to go meet a client at a gas plant to pick up some plans need for permit approvals, but it took be an hour to get to town because it is raining and no one in Pittsburgh knows how to drive in the rain. An hour might not seem like a long commute for some of you, but I live 20 minutes from town. Also this plant is 40 minutes south of town (I live north), so it just wasn't going to happen. But lucky me will earn some billable hours tomorrow as I drive to pick them up.

On a more exciting note, yesterday I was at Starbucks and I was sooooo excited to see that they are serving Justin's Maple Almond Nut Butter Packets (the 100 calorie ones) with their whole grain roll. I love these and bought a large order of 4 different flavors of packets a couple months ago, before Justin's had to shut down its online store for a few weeks to catch up on demand. But, if you all are at Starbucks and need a little snack, get one of these rolls and try this nut butter!!!


VeggieGirl said...

Oh goodness, what a day you had!! Hang in there, Aimee!!

Justin's nut-butter at Starbucks?? How exciting!! And delicious :0)


Melissa said...

FYI-If you ever want/need jars of Justin's butter, I can ship them to you. He is a friend of mine in Boulder.
I hope that you have a nice/ less stressful weekend.