Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

I'll start with today and if you want to see what I ate yesterday see further down.

This morning I did 20 minutes on my treadmill to wake up. I had the speed at 4.0 and incline at 6%.

Breakfast was at home at 6am because I had an 8am doctors appointment. I had a yogurt and a mixture of 4 different cereals. Someday I'll take a picture of my pantry and cereal collection, too tired to list the kinds I added here. I measure so it is only about 1/3 cup each kind.

I had a nice lunch packed and rushed out this morning and left it at home. So I had to grab Au Bon Pain, I got a large Vegetarian Minestrone and a wheat baguette.

Later I was hungry and went to GNC across the street and bought this bar:

I also found this at GNC and sampled a little. It is now in my desk for future snacks:)

Dinner was a Garden Burger, veggies, and a tomato. I also had some Kashi crackers and soy cheese.
These were the veggies I used and it said two servings and I ate both servings.

I also had a cookie dough smart one dessert that was yummy:)

I squeezed in another 20 minutes on the treadmill after dinner and then I went to a legal clinic that I volunteer at a couple times a month meeting with people that can't afford an attorney and need 30 minutes to consult with one. I did that from 7pm - 9pm.


Breakfast was a mixture of cereals with chocolate soy milk.

Lunch was an interview lunch at a restaurant called the Carlton. I did not like the interview candidate and was rather annoyed the entire lunch. I had a salad with a mushroom on top and it didn't have any protein. For dressing I asked them to bring oil and vinegar. I also had a piece of bread. I did not get dessert, even though I was very tempted!!

The salad and piece of bread didn't keep me full long and I had to go to the vending machine and buy this:
For dinner, I grabbed Pita Pit and brought it to my office, because I knew it was going to be a late night. Whole Wheat Falafal Pita with lots of Veggies:)

I had a Smart One frozen dessert when I got home from my long day. I didn't get home until 8pm and I had arrived at work at 7am. So I didn't get a work out in Tuesday.


Olga said...

I always mix cereals and my collection is pretty extensive as well =]

just me said...

oh, that's one of my favorite luna bars, along w/ the raspberry chocolate and caramel brownie... :D

and love cereal mixes; they rock!

Anonymous said...

Whole wheat falafel, mmmmmmm. I mix my cereals too, especially when there are just bits left in each box. What kind of soy cheese do you use? I keep tyring different kinds and can't settle on one.

HangryPants said...

Love to see your cereal collection. I'll take a picture of mine. My mother went a little overboard at Target with the kashi special, if you get my drift.

That popcorn looks good. Was it chocolate covered or what?

VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, that Minestrone soup looks delish; and I love your vegetable-filled dinner!!

Ahh, sorry about the unpleasant interview lunch :0(


HeatherBakes said...

Those cookie dough smart ones are GOOD!

Sorry about the annoying lunch :( My husband has some fun stories about clerk/associate interviews. Yikes.

Have a great day!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

We have a ton of cereals in our pantry too! Yay for variety!

Aimee said...

mango - The crazy thing is that I have no clue what brand the soy cheese is because we buy it at this huge deli that specialized in cheese and they carry soy cheese that they cut and weigh, so there is no label on it! I should try to ask, but this place is so busy all the time it is crazy.

Heather - the popcorn is chocolate covered and some is covered in something sugar like and I'm pretty sure it has no HFCS. It sounds like I'd like your mom because I love stocking up on food when it is on sale and I have two $5 target gift cards from that sale:)