Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Foggy Morning

The news said the visibility was 0 this morning! I was worried about husband walking in the dark to the bus stop, but he got to work safe and sound.

Last night I made some banana bread, that I finally tried this morning. I made peanut butter -banana bread with chocolate chips from the Vegetarian Times, that I saw on Danielle's blog. Husband was happy that it had chocolate chips in it. I had this slice at about 7am with some tea.

About a half hour after my slice of bread I had a smoothie. I had made this smoothie at 6:30am, because I was making my husband one, and just stuck it in the fridge until I wanted it. It has frozen berries, greek yogurt, wheat germ, flax meal, skim milk, and protein powder.
I am getting ready to go for a run, so I had a Pure bar for a morning snack. This was the first time I had a Pure bar. I loved the flavor and loved how moist this one was. I didn't like how small it was for 200 calories. It seemed a lot smaller than the larabar to me. VeggieGirl is always raving about Pure bar and now I know why!

Okay some of the fog has gone away, so I'm getting ready for a run. See you for lunch!


VeggieGirl said...

Glad that your husband made it safe & sound!!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Rose said...

Have a good run! We definitely need to find each other @ the race in May.

Internal Peace said...

I love the Steelers glass! :)

Did you find the PURE bar in Pittsburgh? Whole Foods? I haven't seen them.

Betsy said...

The fog was crazy today huh! Joe said he couldn't see which bus was coming until right when it approached the stop.

Anonymous said...

oooh that is my FAVORITE flavor pure bar! so gooood :)

Danielle said...

Hope you liked the bread!
That smoothie looks great, I'll have to try putting some wheatgerm in mine next time!

Anonymous said...

thumbs up to that bread!
thumbs WAY DOWN to that glass.

bear down chicago bears..

Trish said...

Haven't heard of Pure bars before - but it looks good, just like a real brownie. YUM! :-)

Julie said...

Happened across your blog - I am a fellow Pittsburgher - love the Steelers cup!

HangryPants said...

I always think larabars are so dry, so this is good to know!