Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow is falling.

I was too tired last night after my late Pilates class to post Monday's eats. Today was the first snowfall of the season in Pittsburgh, and it is so cold now, that I just wanted to sleep all day. But at least Monday is gone...here is what I ate...

For breakfast I made steel cut oatmeal in my rice cooker. I soaked the oats in water and a tsp of vanilla overnight and then turned the rice cooker on in the morning.

I added berries and a Oikos to my oats. Such a good and filling breakfast.

I was really drained at 11am, I had ate breakfast at 7am plus was behind on sleep, so I had a latte.
I went to the gym at lunch and did 30 minutes on the stair climber.
I ate lunch around 1:30. I had some leftover soup from Sunday and some sugar snap peas. I love the sugar snap peas, but they are rather pricey, because they are not in season.

An hour later I had some grapes.

Around 4pm, I ate a fuji apple.

Dinner was on my own tonight, because Steve had MBA classes. So I toasted two left over pancakes and dipped them in a little pb and maple syrup. Also on the side I ate some PB Puffins and dried cherries.

I had Pilates from 8-9pm, and when I got back I had a few baked lays and pretzels (no picture it was a quick grab).

Have a great Tuesday!!


VeggieGirl said...

Great eats!! I've especially missed seeing your gorgeous containers of grapes ;-)

Sooooo much snow here - almost 3 feet already!! Ack!!

Happy Tuesday!!

just me said...

in the rice cooker? that is genius!! did you just use the normal time it runs?

Aimee said...

Melissa - I just pressed the button on the rice cooker that says cook and watched for when it said it was done. I need to add more water next time. I tried 1.5 cups of steel cut oats and 3 cups of water, but I think it need more water than that. They still turned out great with this ratio though, so just depends on what you like.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw on HeatherBakes you are a Pittsburgher!! I am as well! I'm from Mt. Lebanon and gradauted from Duquesne University. Now I'm getting my Phd at Univ of Virginia. I miss the 'burgh so bad!! (Ok, not the weather...)

I'm an avid blog reader and its awesome to see someone from my hometown!!

Anonymous said...

The berries on your oats look so pretty!! And that Starbucks cup looks even cuter than usual! They must have a new design where you are!

HangryPants said...

Yay for a pancake dinner ... and more regular blogging. :D

Gina said...

yum! i love snap peas too-- it's a bummer they aren't in season. fuji apples are my favorite! great idea putting the oats in the rice cooker!
hope you have a wonderful night

Anonymous said...

my mom has a cow at the price of sugar snap peas. i can't help but by them because they are so good right now!

Aimee said...

randa927 - so happy you found my blog on heather's. stick around and I'll try to post more Pittsburgh pictures:)