Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mental Health?

After reading several blog posts the last couple of days, I have begun to reflect on why I want to continue to blog and why I love reading other blogs. What does it mean to be healthy? And is logging every meal truly portraying what makes a "healthy lawyer"? I want to use my blog as a daily resource to keep healthy, but I hope to change my blog a little to help me focus on all aspects of being healthy, not just eating healthy.

To me there is physical health, mental/emotional health, and spiritual health. I feel that for me to feel healthy I need to eat well and exercise daily, but there is so much more to being healthy when you factor in trying to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Stress can be more detrimental to one's health than consuming HFCS or too many carbs.

Do you think there is more to being healthy than eating well and exercising? How do you take care of your mental health??


VeggieGirl said...

WONDERFUL post, Aimee. To take care of my mental health, I always try to reserve time in the evenings (when I'm actually home, haha) to read magazines, catch up on DVR'd television shows/films, listen to music, stretch - ANYTHING that's not school-related (since I'm INSANELY busy with schoolwork right now).

Take care!!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

I love this. I go to therapy, talk with friends, and continue to learn and do things I'm passionate about.

HangryPants said...

I definitely think happines is a hige part of being happy. For me, exercising is linked to my happiness, but so is having fun with friend, being with family and habing a job I enjoy.