Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nana's Cookie Winner!

Happy Fourth of July! It just so happens to be my 1 year Blog-anniversary. Well I think technically I said "hello" to the blog world on July 3. And my first post was on July 5, but it included all of my pictures from July 4.

I will post again tonight, but I wanted to announce the winner of Nana's cookies. Thanks for entering, and I hope you all visit more often and comment too! The Random Number Generator turned out the number 3, which is

Erica from "I run because I can . . ." said...

I signed up for the newsletter, and I most want to try the chocolate chocolate cookie bar. Who wouldn't want to try a double chocolate cookie bar?!?!

Erica send me your address, and I'll pass along your information to Nana's!

If you didn't win, check out Nana's products sold on Amazon where you can try one of the many flavors of Nana's cookies, cookie bars or cookie bites.


Jenny said...

happy one year blogiversary girlie :) and congrats to the very lucky winner! xo

have a great 4th of July!!

Lauren said...

happy blog-anniversary!! how exciting :)
those nana's cookies are so good!! lucky erica :)