Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When in Rome . . .

Okay well I wasn't in Rome, but as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans. So when In Belgium I certainly needed to indulge in Belgium chocolate, waffles, and nougat!

We stopped in a few chocolate places and the Chocolate Corner and the Chocolate Line in Bruges were my favorite two.

This was a chocolate covered cherry. I guess I was expecting the fake chocolate covered cherries that we have, so I in no means expected to bite into a pit. I almost chipped a tooth. Luckily I had a few other pieces from the Chocolate Corner to try over the week to evaluate their chocolate, because I was so annoyed by the pit that I didn't enjoy this piece too much.

We also found a fun cookie and candy store, that is a chain store. We went to the one in Bruges but we also saw one in Brussels.

Steve loves cookies, so we bought a few to enjoy over the week. I tried a piece of a macaroon and another vanilla cookie. I wish we would have bought more to bring home.

My favorite from this store was the nougat. It was so soft and chewy. There were so many different flavors. I tried a fig, almond, strawberry, and cherry. I loved the strawberry!

One night for dinner Steve and I had waffles topped with ice cream. This is not how the natives eat them. They eat waffles plain. I also tried a plain waffle later in the week and it was truly amazing. I have never had a waffle taste as good as these. Belgium waffles at your local dinner just can't compare.

I hope you are not bored of my trip yet, because I have a few more posts to share with you, including a post about our day trip to Paris.


HangryPants said...

Oh my - that waffle looks like heaven.

Steph said...

I was at the same cookie store in Brussel last fall! Isn't it amazing??
Try frozen nougat... you won't be disappointed!

Danielle said...

Yay for Belgium! That chocolate look spectacular :)

ellie said...

I've been reading for a while, but never commented...had to come out of lurking to say that Belgian waffles are SO good. I live in the UK so we get the ferry to Europe for vacations in france/germany and always stop in Belgium purely for waffle purposes!

Looks like a great trip!