Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day in Paris

The last Friday we were in Europe, Steve's conference was over, so we took the high speed train to Paris for the day. We boarded the train around 6:30 am and left on the last train that night which was around 9:30 pm. It took about and hour and a half to get to Paris from Brussels.
We actually were there the same day as the Obamas. We didn't really know and were wondering whey there were french army men with huge machine runs watching only one leg (one that was closed) of the Eiffel Tower. Turns out Michelle Obama and her daughters were taking a trip to the top of it.

We ate dinner outside of a restaurant called Vesuvio, which is located on the Champs Elysées. Not a great restaurant, but we were hungry and just so happened to walk by and sit down.

I had a crepe that was filled with egg and a salad. There was bread, but sadly it was stale and I got a house wine that wasn't very tasty. I should have ordered a dessert crepe, but I thought I should eat real food and this was the only think that didn't have fish or meat.

Also in Paris I knew I wanted to find a macaroon. We found a bakery by the Notre Dame and I picked the chocolate one.

This cookie was amazing, however much too rich in chocolate for one person to eat the whole thing.

We were so happy in Paris and can't wait to return to the City of Lights, hopefully sooner rather than later in life :)

I'm hosting a baby shower at my house for a friend tomorrow, so I have to get busy! Have a wonderful Friday my friends:)


Katherine said...

Too bad you didn't run into the Obamas! Glad you enjoyed yourself, even though the restaurant wasn't the best. The macaroon looked delicious!

Veronica said...

I love Paris! Sounds like a great trip-have fun!

Steph said...

Ooouuh... Macarons! They are so so good!! That one was huge!