Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Parade Day!

I have been super busy and have not had any time to get things crossed off my to do list, including my daily blog. I'm great at taking pictures, but I always run out of time to post!! My husband and I are going to Vegas Friday morning until Monday night, so that makes this week a little more crazy! If you have any Vegas suggestions let me know (we have never been there)!

Here is what I ate yesterday...
For Breakfast I made a smoothie, that ended up much smaller than I planned! It has greek yogurt, milk, frozen berries, and protein powder.

Because my smoothie was so small, I picked up a latte before work to fill me up:

For a morning snack I had a tbsp of Almond Butter and an apple. Speaking of almond butter, check our Hangry Pants' contest to win some!!

Downtown was crowded today, because there was a parade for the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Here is what it looked like:
This is our quarterback "Big Ben":
This is our kicker Jeff Reed (funky hair) and punter. Please don't the crazy guy on the walk/do not walk light! Not sure how he got up there, or how long he lasted.

The best part about parade day was my firm let us wear jeans and jerseys or sweatshirts!!! I loved it.
For lunch I had a wonderful salad. I mashed some chick peas with a fork (although some still look whole) and added a little home made vinaigrette, red pepper, and celery and poured it over a bed of lettuce right before I ate it. So I took the mashed chick pea salad in a separate container so it didn't make the lettuce soggy.

About an hour later I had a grapefruit:

On the way home from work I got stuck in traffic, so I pulled a peanut butter Luna bar out of my glove compartment (don't worry I checked the date and this one wasn't recalled). I took the picture of the wrapper at home.

For the second half of dinner (the Luna counting as the first half) I had a Boca burger on an Arnold's sandwich thin. I had hummus and soy cheese on the sandwich too.

After dinner I had some milk and a pumpkin pie kashi bar. I love these. They are tiny, but hit the spot.

I used my treadmill upstairs for 30 minutes as my exercise. I don't know if it is new, but it is so so so hard to run on. I can whip out the miles on the treadmill at the gym, but my home treadmill is torture and I end up walking on a steep incline. I wish I new what was up with it. We installed it, so maybe we didn't grease it enough or something??
Okay well back to work! Have a great day :)


VeggieGirl said...

Fabulous smoothie, snack, and parade!! :-D

Happy Wednesday, Aimee!!

Simple and Divine said...

Ahhh Parades are the BEST! The Philly parade (Baseball) was INSAAANITY this year! I'll never forget that day. So much fun!

I think I'm Smoothie-Challenged. No, I'm not joking, Aims... Like, they take me F0REVER to make/clean up after and shit goes EVERYWHERE. =( Tell me your secrets!

Happy Humpday!

just me said...

omg that smoothie looks amazing! i totally want to make that!!!

HangryPants said...

The parade looks incredibly fun!

Yeah for almond buterr. :D

It's interesting because I thought the treadmill at my parents' house was easier to run on than the one at my new gym. I am not sure if different treadmills are calibrated differently or if we just get used to certain treadmills. I think it's interesting that you're having a similar experience though.

Cate said...

oakland looked crazy after the superbow...i was actually in pittsburgh sunday but didn't go downtown! how long have you lived there? I have a lot of family in pitt:)

jane said...

hey Aimee! This is my first time reading your blog, and I just wanted to tell you I live in Pittsburgh, too! I saw the pictures of the parade and got so excited to see a fellow blogger living in my town :)
Have a good weekend- it's gonna get WARM! (well, relatively speaking...)