Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More than you wanted to know about me...

I was tagged by a Toronto girl out West to tell 25 random things about myself. Now I didn't do this the 5 times I was tagged on facebook, but here it goes . . .
  1. I have a brother who stuck a raspberry in his ear and ended up in the hospital for a week because of it. I have another brother who stuck an eraser up his nose and forgot it was there until a doctor found it.

  2. I didn't wear glasses until my senior year of college, now I'm basically blind without them.

  3. I waited in line outside a bookstore in Oxford, England at midnight to get the fourth Harry Potter Book. I was spending a year studying there, and some of my friends convinced me to go. I don't think I even ever finished reading that book!!!

  4. I met Jenny McCarthy, and she signed a pair of shoes and a hat for me. She told me I was a very sweet sister because I had the hat signed for my older brother. I knew I was a great sister, but it was nice for Jenny to reaffirm that fact.

  5. I haven't ate meat since I was 11. My brothers are to thank for this. Who knows what I would be like if they hadn't made mooing sounds as I tried to eat meat as a child.
  6. I wish that I was a personal trainer and not a lawyer. I would be a nice version of Jillian Michaels, although, she is most likely so famous because she yells.

  7. Sometimes I close myself in a bathroom and put on my ipod, hold a brush in my hand and pretend that I'm on stage. One time I was doing this in our bedroom. I didn't close the door, and because of my loud ipod I didn't hear Steve come up the steps, so my secret was discovered!!

  8. I celebrated my 13th birthday in Paris, my 14th birthday in the United Kingdom, and my 16th birthday at student council camp. But I always hated having a summer birthday, because I never got to bring a treat to school for my birthday.

  9. I had a benign tumor removed from my ear during my third year of law school. The tumor destroyed three hearing bones that had to be replaced with prosthetic bones. Because of this surgery I can never swim or put my head under water again. I used to swim laps in the pool, 3 days a week and a mile each time. At least I didn't lose my hearing and it wasn't cancerous.

  10. I took gymnastics the entire summer before college to prepare for college cheerleading tryouts, only to break my elbow doing a back handspring a few weeks before my freshman year. My mom thinks me breaking my elbow was the best thing to happen to me, because she doubts I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 gpa if I had been a cheerleader. I'm starting to think it wasn't such a blessing, because if I didn't graduate with a 3.9 I would not have become a lawyer, which it turns out is not much fun.

  11. I'm a huge homebody. I would rather play scrabble and watch a movie on a weekend night then go out. I would rather make a home cooked meal than go out to a restaurant.

  12. Despite being a homebody, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel, I really start to get irritated when I haven't left Pittsburgh in more than a few months.
Okay that was only 12, so count this cute picture of Sophie dressed up for Halloween as a stand in for numbers 12-25 :) .....

Okay I'm tired and need sleep. Have a great night!!


A Toronto girl out West said...


Thanks for sharing! :o) And you're right - the picture of the cute puppy makes a great stand-in for the other numbers!


Toronto Girl Out West

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing! I've always hated having a summer birthday too :)

VeggieGirl said...

Love these facts!! And love Sophie :-D

Danielle said...

Cute dog! Love the outfit!
These facts were so much fun to read.

Gabriela said...

Ive read your blog for a while and I love it! I never left a comment before but Today I had to drop you a line.
Is being a lawyer really that bad? I was thinking about going to law school but with all the negative comments people have about it, it's starting to put me off a little. What do you really think about being a lawyer? And what kind of lawyer are you if you don't mind me asking?
Thank you, and keep up the good work on your blog!

HangryPants said...

:( Sorry you're still a lawyer, but I bet you will find your own way to happiness soon enoigh.

Trish said...

HA! I do the same thing with the iPod (#7). I haven't been caught - yet! ;-)

seeleelive (for the love of peanut butter) said...

i love traveling too. thank you for sharing !! such great facts!!