Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CSA Tuesday - Featuring Bok Choy

First thanks for all of your kind words about my half marathon and Steve's marathon!! I love being part of such a supportive community.

We picked up our weekly CSA box today. It included three bags of greens (including spring mix, arugula, and spinach), green onions, thyme, potatoes, radishes, cheese, and bok choy.

We stir fried the bok choy and some of the green onions with some other vegetables we already had in our fridge. I added baked tofu to the vegetables. We had it over some brown rice. I also used organic carrots and cauliflower and some frozen peas and asparagus. I love stir fry, especially with fresh vegetables.

I have been enjoying our weekly CSA box and look forward to sharing with you the items we receive weekly and how we use them.
I couldn't get over Sophie hugging her turtle while she was napping. Sorry that this isn't the best picture (I see a new camera sometime in the future), but you can get the idea. She is so much like a human!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Peanuts & Crackerjacks said...

Hi Aimee!! It's Jess from Pittsburgh again! We changed the domain of our new blog! We hope you can check it out there!!

Where do you do your CSA from in Pittsburgh?? My mom was looking into it but wasn't sure which one to pick! Thanks!! Have a great day!!